Distribution of Xoxo-points
Plum by Xoxoday allows you to transfer your Xoxo points to your colleagues and friends.
There are 2 ways to send Xoxo Points to Users. (Through bulk upload, Individual Distribution)

Individual Distribution

  • Individual distribution is the fastest method to distribute points to a handful of users.
  • Go to Xoxo Points under the main menu.
  • Enter the “Name”, “email ID”, “No. of Points to be Given” and “Mobile Number”.
  • You can mention the citation to tell the user what these points are for. For eg: Long-time employee, Birthday, Work Anniversary, etc.
  • Once you fill-up the details of all users, you can proceed to distribute those points.
  • Users must be registered on Plum to be able to receive points. In case a user is not registered, a link is shared with the user to register.
  • The amount will be deducted from the existing “Company Balance”. In case you don't have enough “Company Balance”, you will be issued a warning where you can decide to proceed with the recharge or remove a few entries to complete the “rewarding” procedure.
  • Clicking “Send” will instantly send the reward to the user-linked account via email.
A user is linked to a single business account. If a user is already registered with another company account, the distribution of points isn't successful.

Bulk Distribution

  • If you wish to reward a large set of recipients, Use the “Bulk Upload” option available.
  • You can download the template that is currently available in the dashboard.
  • Follow these guidelines to upload recipients in bulk.
  • Please note that the maximum number of recipients that can be added in a single file is 10000.
  • The added checkpoints such as “Uploaded File Name Check,” “Bulk Upload Progress,” etc., will ensure that the entire process is as smooth as possible.
  • Setup and preview the email campaign, and distribute the rewards.
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