Reports and Analytics
This sections gives details on the various kind of data, for orders placed , that you can access from the Xoxoday Platform
Xoxoday plum keeps track of all the transactions of the brand vouchers delivered. Reports allow you to check the status of your transactions along with details like invoice date, amount, invoice note, balance, and comments. You can also view the redemption history of the recipients.

Step 1: To view the various reports, please click on the “Reports” section on the left panel of the admin dashboard.

Step 2: Now click on the “View Reports" on the Empuls history box.

Step 3: You can view all the transaction details under the payments tab. You can also download this report by clicking on the download icon.

Step 4: Check all your reward distributions and status of delivery under the "Redemption History" tab.

Last modified 3mo ago