Release November 2021
This November, we have undergone a major revamp of the reports section on the plum admin portal
Admins will now be able to send rewards confirmation mails and cancel rewards in bulk which saves their time and energy in doing the process one by one earlier.
Admins will now be able to filter the reports according to their own requirements which helps them understand the ROI of the reward program more efficiently.
Here are more details about the latest update:

Bulk Cancellation of rewards

Now admins will be able to cancel the reward in bulk. Select all the users for whom you want to cancel the rewards and click on the Cancel reward button as shown below:

Resend confirmation mail in bulk

Now users will be able to resend the reward email in bulk. Select all the users you want to send the confirmation mail again and click on the Resend details button as shown below:

Filtering the report section according to your own requirements.

  • You can filter the entire report based on recipients name, email, phone, reward sent, sent by and other fields in the table.
  • You can apply the filter and then view the specific reports according to your requirements which helps you understand the ROI of the reward program much better.
  • The filtered report can also be downloaded and sent to super admin email id and shared internally.
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