Getting Started

Traditionally, Plum Storefront is built to cater as a rewarding platform for employees. But to help improve the rewarding user journey for consumer promotion and market research companies, Link-based redemption is introduced.

What are xoxo-links?

Xoxo-links allows the admin to send multiple brand vouchers of the selected denomination in the form of a link.

We have currently listed over more than 50 countries across the globe for which you can generate xoxo-links.

Xoxo Link Redemption Journey


Receive a link or QR code.


All brands are listed on the same page without the friction of categories or checkout process. Single-click to receive the vouchers. The denomination of the vouchers will be shown on the right-hand side as shown below.

Select/click on the desired voucher and you will be shown the option of collect vouchers. You can just click on the button and get the code.

You can also choose other gift-cards by clicking on the cross sign and it will take you to the previous page to consume another gift card.

Note: The above case is possible provided if you have not clicked on collect vouchers option and already got the code.


Once you have received the code, you can either copy it or get it delivered to your email id or phone number by clicking on the send me a copy button.

You will be asked for the email address/phone number. Once the data is filled hit the send button.


  • Customer journey experience inside their own app/website ecosystem.

  • Seamless journey without involving any third party.

  • Simple UI.

  • Personal Information of User is optional: voucher details remain persistent on Link to refer back

  • On-redemption model: Unclaimed rewards are between 10%(Employee Incentives) to 90% (FMCG promotions). Pay for the rewards on-redemption with a small upfront fee.

  • Reduce the hassle of contacting multiple vendors for rewards. Select from the innumerous options available. Additional rewards can be procured on request by our Global partners.

  • Rewarding through multiple channels without knowing end user details. • Email • SMS • QR code( No details required)

Xoxo Links allows you to issue unique links with up to 10 brands that the user can redeem in a single click without having to go through a login or checkout process.