Platform Preferences


You can customize settings for your Business Account in the Dashboard. Some are fixed (added at the time of account creation), whilst others can be changed as and when required.
Details that cannot be changed by yourself after account creation:
  • Currency & Timezone
  • Legal & Billing Details
Now you can add your Tax-ID/GST directly from the dashboard, You will be asked necessary details like Company Name and Tax ID/GST
Additionally, now we have the option to show overall balance to admins, enabling will allow the admins to view the overall balance in the company wallet while rewarding.


Additionally, there are white label settings that will help you change the look and feel of “Storefront” and your brand. 

Store URL

If you have Xoxo Points or Xoxo Codes enabled in your account, you will be allowed to set a unique URL key for your customers/employees for landing. This storefront will be customized as per your white-label settings. This can be set only once.


This is where you can update the logo and colors of the Storefront.
  • Select a transparent logo file (max size 250 x 250 px)
  • Upload it to the platform & save it.
Your logo will be displayed on the top left corner of your website and in all emails.
To see the preview, you can switch to the storefront and see how they appear.

Payment Method

By default, a user will be able to make part payment (if required) using his/her personal CC/DC/Bank Account after reducing the amount with available Codes/Points. If you don't want to show this option, turn it off here. Note that once the payment gateway is turned off, customers will not be able to complete the purchase if they fall short of the Points/Codes value.
Turning this off will hide all links in the footer.You can also view the preview of where it appears on the link present below.

Rewarding and Communication

Rewards Title

In this section, you can choose the name that you would like to give for “Rewards” internally. You can update it here and it will reflect everywhere.

Enable low balance notification

Allows you to set a threshold balance amount. You will be notified immediately if the balance is equal to or below the threshold.

Customize Communication

​Sender Name/Email

Any notifications ( Points Update, Redemption, Delivery, etc.) by default contains XoxoEngage as the sender name. If you want to change it, you can update it here.
Earlier, it wasn’t possible to customize the email when the admin ran the campaign under the “Xoxo Links” section. With the new release, the admin user can modify the Sender Name, Email, and Footer of the email to customize the campaign as per his/her needs.

Enable PDF generation

Activating this allows users to send Xoxo Code in PDF format.
This can be customized as per your needs. You can add a disclaimer, social media links, help/support details here for communication. You can also view the preview of where it appears on the link present below.
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