SurveyMonkey + Plum

How to integrate SurveyMonkey with Plum?

Building a strong panel for your survey to collect insights that are accurate, insightful, and meaningful takes a lot of effort. But that’s definitely not the end of it. The success of the survey depends on how many of these people actually respond to the survey.

A low response rate is one of the biggest challenges that most marketers face while conducting a survey.

So how do you encourage people to respond to your surveys? How can you improve the response rate to get better insights?

One of the most widely adopted and not-so-secret motivators that nudge respondents to complete surveys is instant rewards, incentives, and benefits.

Xoxoday Plum, with SurveyMonkey, has integrated to empower organizations to significantly improve survey response rates by engaging the respondents with automated digital rewards and benefits.

The seamless integration between the platforms ensures a superior user experience by eliminating any kind of manual gift-code management. You can now simply create a reward automation campaign on Xoxoday Plum to automatically send rewards to all respondents who complete the survey.

You can find more information about this integration here.

You can also view how the integration can be done by watching the video below: