Getting Started

How to sign up for an admin account?

Signing up for a business account requires companies to fulfill certain criteria. Reach out to one of our Sales Representatives either directly or reach out to the customer success team at [email protected] or Book a Demo with us. You will be contacted within 48 hours and based on your requirements, our sales POC would guide you on what rewarding channels are best suited for your needs and then activate the account.

Below are the mandatory fields to create a plum account:

  • Company Name

  • Client POC Name and Email Id

  • Address Details

  • Contact Number

  • GST Number.

How to add admins in Plum Dashboard?

  • Go to “Manage Admins” under “Account” on the main dashboard.

  • You will also be able to view the existing admins & super-admins in this section.

On the right corner, click on the “Add User” icon.

  • Now, fill in the “Name”, “Email”, “Threshold Points” and the “Role”.

  • You can either choose the “Role” to be an “Admin” or a “Super Admin”.

  • Click on “Add”.

Your admin can now use the threshold points to distribute them to the team.

Please note that only a Super Admin can add a threshold or delete an admin.

What is the difference between “Super Admin” and “Admin”?

Multiple Administrators

Sometimes, you need more than one person to manage the distribution of Rewards. So, the multi admin feature is introduced to manage your rewards. You can add additional users as either an “Admin” or a “Super Admin”.

Super Admin

  • Can recharge the Company Account.

  • Unlimited withdrawal.

  • Has access to all reports.

  • Can remove/add admins.

  • Can set the threshold limit for admins.

  • View all accounts/thresholds.

  • Can send xoxo points, codes, links, create/modify/use campaigns, has access to plum pro.

  • Can edit company details.


  • Doesn’t have the ability to recharge the Company Account.

  • Can view self-reports. Company level reports are restricted.

  • Withdrawal restricted by the threshold.

  • Can send Xoxo points, codes.

  • Can use existing campaigns. Cannot create new campaigns.

  • Can distribute brand vouchers using Plum Pro.

What is a multi/single hierarchy?

If your company follows a single hierarchy system, there is a single “Super Admin” who is at the top of the hierarchy. He/she is able to add multiple “Admins” with dedicated funds under them.

In a multi hierarchy system, there are multiple “Admins” with equal access to their funds. These admins are responsible for specific regions/sections and are able to recharge their account.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to write to us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +91 080 61915050. You can also raise a help ticket at

Is the Plum account accessible on my Android or iOS device?

The Storefront is accessible in a mobile browser (PWA App), but the Plum dashboard is only accessible through a desktop web browser, no mobile app is available for the Plum platform.

How to login to a Plum Account?

There are three types of users who can log in to Xoxoday Plum:

  1. Consumer for Stores which can be either linked to a Company or Guest Users.

  2. Administrators for Business Accounts (by Default, these are also users).

  3. Consumers for Stores logging in from 3rd Party Partnerships & Integrations.

Direct login is not possible for consumers logging in from 3rd party partnerships & integration. They can log in from their respective sources.

To login, please follow these steps below:

  • Go to Stores Homepage:

  • Enter your registered email ID and click to “Verify Email”.

  • Based on the login type linked to the email ID provided, you will be redirected to the respective sign-in authority. e.g. Google SSO Login.

  • If the email ID is not linked to any SSO Login, verifying email prompts for the password to the account.

  • Enter your password and click on Login.

Any guest users with a valid Xoxo Code need not have login credentials. During the checkout, continue as a guest user and redeem the Xoxo Code.

How to switch b/w Admin Dashboard & Storefront?

  • If you are an admin of a Business Account and browsing the storefront, select your profile at the top right corner of the page.

  • Click on “Switch to Admin” to switch to the admin dashboard.

  • If you are handling the admin dashboard, click on the logo at the top right corner of the page to toggle to the storefront.


SSO Logins

Various login methods are possible in Xoxoday Plum. Contact us at [email protected] to know more.

What happens to "Xoxo Points" when employees leave the Organization?

Currently, the employees are required to redeem their points before exiting the organization. In case the user does not redeem his points before exit then he forfeits those points. These points will continue to remain the user's disabled account.

Can the super-admin disable his/her own account? If No, how is the scenario of the exit of a super admin handled?

No. The super admin needs to delegate his responsibilities and privileges to another valid user. Now, the new super-admin can disable the old super-admin account.

Can I change my URL?

No. Once created, the URL cannot be changed.

Can I deduct the balance of recipients?

No, once transferred the points can not be deducted from the account of recipients.

How to register an Amazon KYC for a business account?

When a new business account is created, all brands will not be made live immediately.

Brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc.. require a separate KYC to be completed to enable it on the respective business account store.

Below are the details required to complete the KYC with the respective brands. e.g. Amazon.

  1. Company Name

  2. Company incorporation/registration certificate

  3. Company PAN card or Sales and IT returns or GST certificate

  4. Business Model Brief

  5. Address Proof

  6. Purpose of buying vouchers.

  7. Annual potential.

  8. Billing Address

  9. GST No

  10. Account POC Name

  11. Account Holder POC Phone No

  12. Base Currency

  13. The below-mentioned matter is a declaration on your company letterhead with a seal and signature.


We, <insert company name> have a registered office at <insert office address> are in the business of <insert business description>. We wish to procure <brand name> Gift Cards for the purpose of <insert a detailed description of the purpose of purchase e.g., for incentivizing our channel partners for overachieving the sale targets. The purpose should clearly state the beneficiaries and the purpose for which they are being gratified>.

We hereby undertake that we will use Gift Cards only for the purpose stated above. We further undertake that (a) we will not engage in further resale of <brand name> Gift Cards (b) <brand name> Gift Cards will be distributed to the end beneficiaries who will log in to <brand name> individually to claim and redeem their Gift Cards. We will not place central orders on behalf of end beneficiaries.” If you need a KYC for your brand, please raise a ticket at or write to us at [email protected]. You can also WhatsApp us at +91 80 6191 5050.

Does Xoxoday provide white-labeling along with the Plum platform?

Yes, we do provide white-labeling along with the Plum platform.

How to resend a brand voucher?

If the order status shows “Delivered,” but you haven't received the voucher in your email ID, click on “Send Mail under an OrderID”.

Change the recipients' mail if required and the voucher is sent to the email ID provided.

How to cancel a brand voucher?

Brand Voucher once delivered to the recipient, cannot be canceled.

In case of the failure of order delivery, the Order is not delivered, the order can be canceled and is refunded to the source account. Please raise a ticket at or send a mail to [email protected] or Whatsapp us at +91 8061915050.

What are the languages in which Plum is available?

The plum platform is currently available only in English. Please write to us at [email protected] for any special requirements. You can also Whatsapp us at +91 080 61915050.