HubSpot + Plum

How to integrate HubSpot with Plum?

Talk to our expert to know more on how you can improve survey response rates by integrating with Xoxoday Plum.

More about the integration

Integration between HubSpot Marketing hub and Xoxoday Plum helps you improve your campaign response rate by engaging prospects and customers with personalized rewards, incentives, gift cards, etc. The seamless integration between the two platforms allows you to analyze and track details like the number of campaigns running, the number of gift coupons sent, etc. from either platform, without having to juggle between the two.
Some Reward programs/campaigns where Xoxoday Plum can be used:
    Sales lead nurturing
    Referral marketing programs
    Influencer marketing campaigns
    Surveys and contests (NPS Survey, Product surveys, etc.)
    Webinars /trainings / other online sessions
    Customer advocacy programs
    HubSpot Contact Owner Recognition (Sales champion who closed a large deal, changed deal statuses faster than expected, etc. )
...and many more.


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