Distribution of Xoxo-links

This will help you understand the different distribution methods to send xoxo-links to the end users.

One can deliver xoxo-link through one of the three options :

Send to Few

  • Click on the Xoxo Links section in the admin dashboard. Select the first tab "Send to few".

  • Now select the "Campaign" that you wish to run. (Know more about creating a Xoxo Link Campaign here).

  • Now, select the Delivery Mode. You can either choose to run an “Email” campaign, “SMS” campaign, or “Both Email and SMS”.

  • Now, add recipients manually.

  • You can set the link expiry date as you deem fit.

  • You can then choose to edit your email campaign by clicking on the “Email Preview” option.

  • You can then send these Xoxo Links by clicking on the “Send Rewards” button on the bottom right corner of the page.

Bulk upload

  • The second tab "Bulk upload" allows you to send xoxo-link to multiple people at one go.

  • Select the campaign you wish to use for the campaign.

  • In the next step, you will be able to download the sample excel file that needs to upload. You can fill in the data and upload it on the platform

  • Send the expiry of the link

  • Customize the email as per your requirements

  • Click on the "Send Xoxo link" button.

Generate for self

  • This option allows the user to generate the xoxo links to themselves and then distribute them to the end-users as per their convenience.

  • You can select the campaign of your choice and mode of delivery

  • You have to then specify the "Quantity of the Xoxo links" you want to get delivered of the denomination of the link you created in the above-selected campaign.

  • You have to mention the email address you want all these links to be delivered on.

  • Set the link expiry and finally click on the "Send Xoxo links" button.

How to customize the Email/SMS in the Xoxo Link Campaign?

To customize the Email/SMS, please follow the steps below:

  • Please visit the “Xoxo Links” section in the admin dashboard.

  • After selecting the campaign, delivery mode, and adding recipients, you will encounter a screen similar to the one below:

  • You can now choose to edit the emailer/SMS campaign in this section.

  • Congratulations, you have successfully edited the Emailer/SMS for your Xoxo Link Campaign.