SAP Client Registration with Xoxoday for Stores Redemption

This document discusses the technical details of how SAP integration is done with Xoxoday.

SAP Client Registration

A.The Client opens the email he/she receives from the vendor side.

C.Post verification of the email address, the Client lands on the below screen.

D.The Client hovers the mouse on the left navigation bar -> Clicks on platform settings ->Branding and communication and selects a theme and saves it.

F.1.Make sure the client creates a ticket with SAP Team as mentioned in step no 10 ( Open a ticket with SuccessFactors Technical Support with the following code: LOD-SF-RNR-SCR and provide Technical Support with the AssertionConsumerService URL and Logout URL you gathered. Technical Support adds the AssertionConsumerService URL - along with the Logout URL - to its list of Authorized Service Provider Assertion Consumer Services.

H.Post verification - The following screen will show up. This means that the integration is completed.

I.Client should now login onto

J.Client should add funds to the account. The client should follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Client should click on recharge.

  2. Enter the amount and click on "Proceed to Payment"

  3. Enter your phone number.

  4. Choose to pay by card and use the following details:

  5. Card Number: 5123456789012346

  6. Name : test CVV: 123 expiry: 05/2021.

  7. You will be redirected to a page with the title "AXIS SIMULATOR" asking for an OTP. Please enter the OTP as 123456 and hit the submit button.

  8. This should add the entered amount to your balance and you will be ready to place orders.

L.Post this the Redeem Flex Reward button will be enabled in the SAP SF Platform.

Once the client says the testing is completed we move them to production with the same steps.

SAP User redirection to Stores for redemption.

For logging into the stores platform the SAP user clicks on Redeem Flex Reward on SAP Home Page. PFA.

After clicking the Redeem Flex Reward button, SAML Login process is initiated and SAML response is posted to AUTH API ( where the SAML response is validated against the Metadata updated in SAML Metadata by super admin.

After successful SAML authentication SAP user is redirected to Stores Home Page( PFA

After SAML Authentication and before the user is redirected to stores, the user is created/updated in the Xoxoday database using consumer API. The fields for the user updated are email, first name, and last name. After the user creates/updates using Consumer API the session is generated by AUTH API (where we store Third-Party Data along with token_info ) and redirected to Stores. Here the third-party data will contain SAP Username and SAP API parameters which are used for calling SAP user details, SAP points, and point redemption APIs. SAP API Postman Collection

SAP User Redirection to Stores Platform