Solution Development

Do you have the ability to logically segment or encrypt customer data such that data may be produced for a single tenant only, without inadvertently accessing another tenant's data?

Yes, our network environment is designed and configured to restrict any communication and connection between the tenant's environment and our corporate network.

Do you logically and/or physically separate tenant systems from corporate systems?

Yes, our logic to physically separate tenant systems is made possible by assigning each tenant's data a client-specific key that is uniquely encrypted for maximum security.

Are information system documents (e.g., administrator and User guides, architecture diagrams, etc.) made available to authorized personnel to ensure configuration, installation, and operation of the information system?

Yes, all the resources that are needed for configuration, installation, and operation of information systems are made available to the authorized personnel for their perusal.

Can you a provide dedicated computing environment for the tenant?

No, we have a holistic computing environment which uses logical methods of isolation to keep the tenant's data secure.

Do you provide the logical segregation of tenant data and the application?

Yes, we logically segregate the tenant's data and the application.

Do you logically and physically segregate production and non-production environments?

Yes, physical segregation is done for production and non-production environments.