Step 1:Company Registration

In this step, learn how to register your company and create a client account with Xoxoday.

To register your company as a client with Xoxoday get in touch with our Product specialist by dropping an email to [email protected] with the following details:

  • Redirect_URI : The Redirect URI is used in the Oauth 2.0 authentication process. It is the Uri that our systems will use to post your authorization code to, which is then exchanged for an access token which you can use to authenticate subsequent API calls explained in the steps below.

The redirect URI you include in your API key setup has to match that which you provide when making your requests during the Oauth 2.0 process.

Example for sample redirect_uri for a company: (

  • Scope of Integration: This is important for Xoxoday to understand the use case and the reason behind getting access to certain API for your respective application.

Example: For Plum Pro API access, mention scope as plum_pro_api

  • Company details: Including, Company Name, Your Full Name, Work Email, Company Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Contact Number, Base Currency.

Post internal review and approval based on the details shared including company details, Integration scope, redirect_uri, the client will receive a unique client_id and client_secret. Use this client_id and client_secret to raise an authorization request as explained in Step 2. The client will also receive a unique sign-up email to create his account on Plum and access Plum Dashboard. This can be used to perform different operations like Adding Funds, Managing Email templates, reports on vouchers history, etc. via the platform.


OAUTH_URL value for Development -

Production -