Getting Started

What is Plum Pro?

Plum Pro, as a platform allows admins to generate and send brand Vouchers to anyone, anytime - hassle-free.

How to browse the Voucher Catalog in Plum Pro?

  • To browse the Voucher Catalog, you will have to visit the “Plum Pro” section in the admin dashboard.

  • Now, click the “Voucher Catalogue” button in the top right corner of the page.

  • You will encounter a screen similar to the one below. You also have the option to search for brand vouchers and download them in CSV on your local device.

How to generate brand vouchers in Plum Pro?

Plum Pro allows you to generate brand vouchers and send them to anyone, hassle-free. Please follow the steps below to generate vouchers in Plum Pro:

  • Visit the “Plum Pro” section in your admin dashboard.

  • Now select the “Country” for which you would like to generate the brand voucher.

  • Now, add recipients manually, the brand voucher you wish to send, and the denomination applicable.

  • Preview the email, customize the content, and send the brand voucher.

  • In case of insufficient funds, you will be able to add funds by clicking the “Add Funds” button in the left bottom corner of the page.

How to bulk send brand vouchers?

  1. Go to "Plum Pro" under the main menu.

  2. Select "Bulk Upload Recipients".

  3. Download the template to minimize formatting errors.

  4. Upload the file according to the template.

  5. Check for any errors in the file and click on "Confirm".

Can the Brand Voucher Order be canceled?

Brand Voucher once delivered to the recipient, cannot be canceled. If in case the Order is not delivered, then the order can be canceled and a refund is done to the source account.